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Cymatics - Titan
  • Publisher: Cymatics
  • Website: Cymatics
  • format: MIDI, WAV Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
  • Description: The most anticipated sample pack from the famous Cymatics – Titan is here !! ! There is everything you need to create a trap or future bass!

The Most Powerful Drum Collection
Designed to Give You a Professional & Creative Sound.
››› Boombox Cartel and RL Grime inspired 808s. Getting a professional mix on a song requires A LOT of attention to your bass. And even then, it’s almost impossible without a good low end. This is where the Titan 808s comes in.
Each 808 is designed to help you achieve a professional low end that will make your tracks sound HUGE!
››› Fine Tuned Snares Key-Labeled for Efficiency. You’ll have a selection of Snares that have the power to punch through any mix while still keeping the interesting characteristics & organic tones that your snares need to sound incredible.
››› High Quality Claps Organized Into 4 Different Categories: Big Claps. Flam Claps. Other Claps. And small claps.
These claps went through a rigorous process before considered complete. The Claps started from professional studio sessions, and then each was meticulously perfected by world class drum designers, making them the best we’ve ever put out.
››› Snaps Created for Layering, Switch Ups, and Breakdowns. Mostly used for chill tracks and breakdowns, this high quality set of snaps can help give your drums an organic & human touch.
››› Incredibly Precise Opened & Closed Hi Hats. Whether you’re rolling these hi-hats fast for an upbeat track or creating the sensation of a live drummer, these will dramatically help you in the studio.
››› Realistic Crashes & Rides. Rich, Warm & Complex Cymbal Crashes & Rides. Our Cymbals have been known for a warm, rich sound that cuts throughs perfectly in a mix. The Titan Cymbals take quality to another level by providing you a set of rich cymbals that will add plenty of character to your tracks.
››› Punchy Kicks Designed & Processed to Perfection. We spent more time designing the Kicks in Titan than any other section because of how important Kicks are to the modern day producer.
And after processing hundreds of Kicks from scratch, we ended up with a selection of 90 perfectly designed Kicks that can do everything from slam on huge trap banger to sound great in a mellow future bass song.
››› Percussion Sounds Perfect for Releasing Your Creativity! Some of these were carefully synthesized while others were layered with live recordings. All of them are to give you a wide variety of percussion so you can create interesting and unique drum beats.
››› High Energy Buildup Drums. Created to help boost your production speed & workflow, these build up drums allow you to quickly put down ideas for buildups and drops the moment creativity strikes.
››› Drum Fills For Creating Memorable Drum Breaks. Creating perfectly timed drum fills that actually fit with your song can be difficult. This is why we focused on creating a set of BPM synced fills that you can implement directly into your drum patterns without any hassle.
››› Hi-Hat Loops Giving You Everything From a “Real Drummers Sound” to Trap Style Fast Rolling Patterns! These loops are great for speeding up your workflow. You’ll have access to BPM synced hi-hat loops, perfect for quick implementation into your songs. Then you can chop, warp, and pitch them to your own creative needs.
››› Inspirational Percussion Loops to Help You Build Creative Drum Patterns. These are by far the most unique sounding perc loops we’ve ever created. They sound best when randomly added into an already existing drum patterns, because they give color to any basic drum beat.
High Quality Vocals Chops & Loops
Created To Make Your Songs Memorable.
The vocals from Titan started with a handful of 12 different acapellas recorded by professional singers in several different studios around the world.
Then our production team spent months chopping, warping, and sampling our original acapellas until we ended up creating a beautiful set of catchy vocals samples that will have your listeners remembering your songs forever.
Even artists like Tiesto, Boombox Cartel, Slander, and Dillon Francis have used Cymatics vocals as a base when creating some of their biggest hits and we expect this pack to be no different.
Titan Key & BPM Labeled Vocals Include:
100 Beautifully Designed Vocal Loops
50 Creative & Rare Vocoder Loops
65 Professionally Recorded Vocal Chants & Phrases
Beautifully Written
Brass, Strings, Piano, and Guitar Loops.
Meticulously Designed Synths
by Our World Class Sound Designers.
Synth one shots and loops have become a major part of almost every single big producers production process because of how much flexibility you have within the DAW.
That’s why Titan has an entire section of these, so you will be equipped with a HUGE variety of loops and one shots perfect for creating sounds unlike any other.
Every synth was engineered with extreme detail in VST’s like Serum, Sylenth1, and more. Our sound designers started by designing a catalog of different sounds that would provide the base for this section.
Then a handful of talented songwriters and producers used the sounds to develop catchy melodies, arps, and other expressive loops.
When you get your hands on these, you can instantly add entirely new elements to each of your songs. These are great for stepping out of your normal boundaries and will add an entirely new way of creating sounds to your production process.
Each synth sample is ready to go and compatible with every major DAW and sampler.
Premium FX Samples
Perfect for Transitions, Breakdowns, and Buildups.
››› When we created FX for Titan, we wanted to make sure you had EVERYTHING you needed when creating build ups, transitions, and breakdowns. And we knew having a high quality selection of BPM & key labeled FX would be crucial for capturing those perfect transitions that listeners LOVE!

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