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VPS Avenger (Win)

VPS Avenger For Windows Free Download

VPS Avenger
  • Vengeance Producer Suite – Avenger 1.4.10 + 45 EXPANSIONS
  • 1.4.10 – Vengeance Producer Suite
  • Windows
  • Release year : 2019
  • Interface language : English
  • Description:
    The most versatile synthesizer you’ve ever met. There is analog modeling, FM, built-in samples, the ability to draw your own waveforms, 47 types of filters, 30 built-in effects and much more, and the total is 1000 voices! What can we say about modulation matrices, drum presets and numerous sequencers.
  • Expansions:

Trance Two
HandsUp Lives!
Effects Trance
16 Bit Era.avxp
8 Bit Era.avxp
Ambition .avxp
Analog Synth .avxp
Cinematic 1.avxp
Cinematic 2 .avxp
Doomstep .avxp
EDM 1.avxp
EDM 2.avxp
Effects House .avxp
Euro Party.avxp
Funky House.avxp
Future Bounce.avxp
Future Chill.avxp
Future House.avxp
Future Pop.avxp
Granular XP1 .avxp
Hardstyle .avxp
Hip Hop XP avxp
Melodic EDM .avxp
PT DnB.avxp
PW Big House & EDM Avenger.avxp
Retrowave 8.avxp
Shocking Deep & Future House For Avenger.avxp
Shocking EDM.avxp
Shocking House For Avenger.avxp
Shocking Trap For Avenger.avxp
The Stand.avxp
Top EDM Genres.avxp
Top Sounds.avxp
Trance Invasion .avxp
Trance One .avxp
Trap Moombah.avxp
Tropical House.avxp
XP Dance.avxp

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